Dream Girl 1932

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Something Angelic this way comes!

Did you ever see a Dream Walking? Well you sure have now!

In this Gown and you can be that Dream Gal!

Circa 1932 ~ 1933, so fitting for all your special vintage functions. You'll not be out of place at all.

The features of this gown are the Angel Wings, sleeves, uniquely formed into a capelet which drapes along the back of the gown. You'll shine from every angle in this frock!

Created with the 1936 version of Flash Gordon at the back of Annie's mind, especially for the late Princess Aura and the oh so current Fleur de Guerre!

Made of Emerald and Black satin.

Completely custom made to order, you decide the size and colours!

Takes up to 6 weeks from the date of order to arrive at your door. If not sometimes sooner!

House Muse UK: Fleur de Guerre

Photography: Sean Kelly

Please provide accurate & true measurements, as once cut, the fabric is yours! Sadly then,we are unable to accept returns.