The Countess Frock

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what shall I wear

Too slow! None left!

Better luck next time.

Starlet Miss Amanda Lee takes yet another call to her dressing room, who can it be this time?

The voice says: "You are going to be a Star and a Star does not carry groceries! Whenever you go out in public, you dress to the teeth!You don't go around in slacks, you dress and look like a Star"

Miss Amanda says, "Why, Thank you Mr Zanuck. I sure will do that."

She goes to her closet and brings out her Able Grable frock, you see she has a date, a date with The Count!

The Countess frock was created for our most favourite Burlesque Star and she owns and loves it.

Named after her, indirectly, it's one of the most beautiful frocks ever.

A silk satin mix, with an ever so slight stretch to the fabric, guarenteed to make those heads turn. Go on Gal you know you want to, bag yourself a Count!

The Count: Jonathan Duffy

House Photographer: Doug Monce

House Model: Miss Amanda Lee