Miss Betty Amanda

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Betty Amanda Betty Amanda Betty Amanda Betty Amanda Betty Amanda

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The one you have been waiting for. Our House Model is the Divine Miss Betty Amanda after whom our first frock is named. She's a real choice bit of calico, a flesh and blood angel!

Every gal should have a little red dress, right? Here's your little red dress with a twist.

The frock is made from satin trimmed in pure white.

Designed to accentuate your curves from a size small to an XXXL.

Every gal can be an Able Grable!

The frock has been created long. This is so you can make it shorter, as Able Grable was so fed up of short shorties!!

This way you can decide how you'd like to wear it.

Go by the bust and waist on this frock, the hips should have room so that the skirt swishes when you walk.

The cute little white belt can be adjusted also.

To order or for further information please email. Strictly first come first served so form an orderly queue gals!

Created out of the love of the past by one dedicated Lady for all you other Able Grables out there!

They will not be made again!

Payment, by paypal, UK cheques.